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Air textured manufacturing is a technique via which continuous and parallel synthetic filaments are modified using compressed air to obtain a more voluminous structure.

This process is carried out with the objective of mimicking natural fibre features such as warmth, touch, texture and appearance while keeping synthetic fibre properties such as uniformity, faster drying or better strengths.

It additionally allows for the combination of two or more differing filaments with which a single thread is made taking advantage of the more interesting features of the individual components.

Taking the compact structure of the filament as a base, air textured filaments allows for introducing loops into the filaments without cutting or breaking them.

Dúctel has a very wide range of products to cover market needs and demands.

Our collection of threads, always air textured, comprises of ranges from 30 dtex to 4500 dtex, from shiny to extra matt finish and with multifilament fibres or microfibers, as well as different sections.

Our yarns have a myriad of end user applications. On one hand we cover the sports, outdoor wear, underwear and swimwear markets needs. On the other, we have yarns dedicated to medical or technical applications. 

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