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1986 Dúctel is founded in Terrassa thanks to the initiative of two private capital business groups to produce thin counts taslan continuous filament for automotive market.

1988 An agreement is reached with DuPont de Nemours to exclusively manufacture and distribute Supplex® for Europe.

1990 Increase in production capacity with the installation of a new taslan machine to manufacture high tenacity sewing threads.

1995 Due to the success of Supplex® in the sports market, Dúctel starts its international expansion as well as increasing production capacity, increasing the number of textured positions.

1998 Further expansion with new machinery and facilities.

2004 Dúctel acquires the Finnish company SH Filaments OY.

2005 To better penetrate the Asian markets, Dúctel decides to open a new air textured planted, Shanghai Duwell Textile LTD in China.

2008 Dúctel reaches an agreement with Advansa to manufacture and distribute Thermocool Softec®.

2012 With the desire to continually serve its clients, Dúctel starts to distribute dyed thread bobbins.